Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Story written by student in class four: THE FISHERMAN AND THE SOUL

Once upon a time, there lived a fisherman who lived in a small village called Nkasie .He always go out for fishing at 12:00 o’clock midnight. One day while he was fishing he saw someone’s soul. He shouted who’s soul is this ?This is not my soul, it’ s someone's soul looking for his body. His name is Simon ,he looks like me, he has a round face, he is a kind fisherman. While the man was fishing the next day he found somebody coming to catch him, he shouted I am not your soul !your soul has just passed here. The soul replied I’m looking for a body. The fisherman told him to pass on to the next village where he will find his body. The soul left and after a long walk came back to the fisherman and told him ,do you know something ,come and show me where I can find my body. the man and soul journeyed till they met an old man the old man asked where they were going, they replied we are looking for the body to this soul, have you found it? The old man said yes, it is gone to the next village go ahead you will see it .the man and soul travelled till they saw the soul which quickly entered the body

Story written by student in class four: THE GOAT AND THE COW

Once upon a time there lived the goat and the cow. They lived in a forest. The two animals were very hungry because there was no food for them in the forest, and there was no water for them to drink. They did not get energy and were not healthy. The cow and the goat were so hungry that they died of hunger. When the animals died they slowly turned to soil(decomposed),the vulture came to eat them. A few weeks later beautiful flowers grew where the animals decomposed.